WWW.BENETEAU.COM CONTACT Gaelle Violleau Tel +33 (0) 2 51 60 52 04 g.violleau@beneteau.fr BARRACUDA 6 SMALL, YET PLENTY OF SPACE! LE GRAND LARGE, GIVRAND, JULY 5 TH 2017 The Barracuda 6 is the most recent addition to the range and she has inherited the sporty temperament of her elder sisters. With fittings tested in the recent Barracuda Tour, she marries speed, stability and top class equipment to perfection. Ready to launch this autumn, she will be shown at the boat shows of La Rochelle, Southampton and in Scandinavia, where the range has met with resounding success. Building on the experience of the Barracuda Tour, a no-kill sport fishing competition, organized by Beneteau every year, the Barracuda 6 powerfully champions the identity of this incredibly dynamic range, which has found a public among keen fishers and coastal cruisers, since it was created in 2011.