ousyu_AW_SMC_Marine parts and Accessories_Brochure 2020_MAST

A OPERATION SYSTEMS B OPERATION SYSTEMS Suzuki’s “Way of Life!” is the heart of our brand - every Suzuki vehicle, motorcycle and outboard motor is built to create excitement so customers can enjoy everyday life. Please read your Owner’s Manual carefully. Remember, boating and DOFRKRO RU RWKHU GUXJV GRQʧW PL[ $OZD\V ZHDU D SHUVRQDO ˹RWDWLRQ device when boating. Please operate your outboard safely and responsibly. Suzuki encourages you to operate your boat safely and with respect for the marine environment. 6SHFL˸FDWLRQV DSSHDUDQFHV HTXLSPHQW FRORUV PDWHULDOV DQG RWKHU items of “SUZUKI” products shown in this catalog are subject to change by manufacturers at any time without notice and they may YDU\ GHSHQGLQJ RQ ORFDO FRQGLWLRQV RU UHTXLUHPHQWV 6RPH PRGHOV are not available in some territories. Each model might be GLVFRQWLQXHG ZLWKRXW QRWLFH 3OHDVH HQTXLUH DW \RXU ORFDO GHDOHU IRU GHWDLOV RI DQ\ VXFK FKDQJHV $FWXDO ERG\ FRORU PLJKW GL˷HU IURP WKH colors in this brochure. 2020 OBM P&A CATALOG (EU RETAIL) 99000-79N12-382 Published in Japan 201908 300 TAKATSUKA-CHO,MINAMI-KU,HAMAMATSU-SHI, SHIZUOKA 432-8611 JAPAN www.globalsuzuki.com 2020 SUZUKI *(18,1( 5,**,1*˿3$576 $1' $&&(6625,(6